H&O Services, a Startup from LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship, Closes a Seed Fund Round




Home and Office Services (H&O), founded and managed by the graduates of LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship (LCE), is a business entity which closed its earliest round of seed funding recently. This blue collar placement and management company provides ideal personnel suited for your office based and household requirements.

These personnel are confirmed by the law, proven reliable and highly skilled. This solves the major issue faced locally i.e. unemployment and security. A thorough screening is performed on all the personnel; authentication of their CNICs, residence, criminal records (if any), basic education and all other important elements.

Team H&O aims to use innovative technology to bring new kinds of services which previously were not being offered in blue collar services locally. Although the exact terms of the straight equity deal have not been disclosed, it has been confirmed that the funding values the company at US Dollars six figures.

The investors (Hamza Irfan Baig and Ali Baig), who currently reside in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and are from a Pakistani background, have high hopes from the H&O team. “It is a great pleasure to invest and be a part of H&O services. Times have changed and investors have started to put their trust in Pakistani start-ups. We will set an example for the local and foreign investors to invest in Pakistani start-ups as they have huge potential. We have full faith in the founder Muddasar Sharif and his team. They are doing a remarkable job and we are sure that they will exceed our expectations.”

Muddasar Sharif, the founder and CEO of the company, is ecstatic at receiving the funding and says “This funding has come at a very crucial time. H&O Services has created quite a stir in the local market since its inception and we really needed the investment to expand our operations. With a lot of demand from both the workers and the employers, we didn’t have the resources to match the expectations. But now, not only will we be arranging more registration drives to recruit more workers, but we’ll also be investing the money into trainings for the workers so that they can do their jobs with more efficiency and increase output”.

It is a proud moment for us, seeing our startup land an investment right after graduating from LCE. We wish them all the best and hope they put this investment to a use which will take them even higher in their cause and efforts.