The Foundation at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship is incubating 17 teams in the current batch. They were all diligently scouted from all over Pakistan either from various competitive platforms that bring entrepreneurs and innovators together or shortlisted from direct applicants to the center. All shortlisted teams went through a rigorous 2-part evaluation process by an independent Foundation Council of prominent and successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and innovators. Half the council evaluated all applicants on entrepreneurial competencies without regard to the business model. The other half evaluated the business models for being sustainable, high-growth and/or high-impact along 8 different dimensions. The highest scoring teams were inducted into The Foundation program at the nation's most prestigious institution.

Currently Incubated Startups



Gemtech is a gemstone quality enhancement and treatment center through state-of-the-art scientific treatments



A*Star is an online learning portal that allows O/A-level students from anywhere in Pakistan to access quality teachers at an affordable cost

Grassroots Consultants


Grassroots Consultants is a school service quality management and teacher training platform

Ice Curl


IceCurl presents live ice cream experience in curls form using fresh fruits & delicious toppings



Edlytica is a learning analytics program which collects, integrates and analyses educational data to improve learning management



Neurostic is a decision support algorithm that helps doctors diagnose and disciminate among movement disorders

Thandi Chingaari


Thandi Chingaari is a roadside gola cart that provides hygienic ice golas in innovative flavors

qisst is a unifying web solution and an online marketplace to buy and sell products online on convenient installment plans



Counsell is a platform where all professionals can give and get paid advice, currently available as a mobile app



Homestove is an online platform for home based cooks who are interested in marketing their well prepared home food to customers



Dasti is a within city on-demand delivery service that makes within city deliveries convenient

bookcity is an online portal that allows people to sell the books that they no longer need to those that need them

Teaching Lounge


Teaching Lounge is an edtech startup that aims to uplift teaching quality across schools in Pakistan through teacher training, development, and sourcing

Keep School Safe


Keep School Safe is making schools and students more prepared by incorporating safety trainings at grass root levels

Silicon Apocalypse Studio


Silicon Apocalypse Studio is the first ever Pakistani turn-based, role-playing, historical fiction themed board game

Mahir Online


Mahir Online is a one-stop convenient and reliable solution with intelligent recommendation system that connects people with reviewed and rated local businesses/ professionals



Qayaam provides a platform for landlords and tenants to virtually meet and helps them find secure and quality abodes at affordable rates